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If you take pride in making things simple. If you posses love for complex algorithms and like explaining them to eager enthusiasts making them easy to understand. If you have a good command over the English language. And to top it all, if you get elated from the stimulating algorithmic discussions while the problems are being baked in our kitchen before they are served to the rest of the world. You have all the ingredients to be our Editorialist.
As an Editorialist, you will be responsible for writing the editorials of all the problems in our contest. We currently need Editorialists for our Long Contests and our Cook-Off's. If you think you have what it takes, read the rules and apply to become an Editorialist.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • For every problem set you write the Editorials for, the guidelines for the Editorials are as under:
    1. Please find some guidelines to write Editorials and the Editorial Template here.
    2. Editorial should be in simple, easy to understand the English Language.
    3. There should be links to pictures or references required to explain the concept. You may send us pictures to upload on our server if you want to use them in the editorials.
    4. Editorial should contain a very detailed explanation of the solution. The level of detail should be such that a newbie should be able to get guidance on learning those concepts required to solve the problem, provided that he or she invest sufficient time and effort into it.
    5. Editorial should have an explanation of the approaches/concept/algorithm/technique of both the setter's and the tester's solutions. Any additional links/reference must be given. You can take the help of the solutions of setter and tester (submitted during the testing phase) to improve your editorials.
    6. Editorial should contain a discussion of alternate approaches to solving the same problem.
    7. Editorial may contain a discussion of a few variants of the same problem. For example, some interesting variants of the problem that were found during the testing process could be provided.
    8. You must not miss on reading a very awesome write up on 'How to make a good editorial' by Pradeep George Mathias.
    9. You can have a look at one of our Model editorial, Another good editorial. This is a slightly experimental editorial. If you want to try some other strategy for explaining the solution, different format etc, we welcome your suggestions. The only thing that should be adhered to is the requirement that the editorial should be elaborate enough for beginners.
    10. The editorials may be liked by the smart coders, yet they are targeted to make a newbie approach the problem.
  • You must verify that the solution for all the problems provided by setter and tester should be commented for better understanding.
  • It is encouraged that you also write your own solution strictly following the editorial. This ensures that the editorial explains all necessary tricks.
  • It is expected that you will also monitor and answer the Questions/Doubts asked in the editorial forum by the participants. Most of the questions are asked till 1-2 weeks after the contest ends. Please subscribe to the all the editorials that you have posted. Whenever there is a query or suggestion, you have to go and address it. You can change your email setting and get an email whenever someone comments on your editorials.
  • For short contests, you have to be online during the whole time of the contest. For Long contest, you have to log in every day to approve/reply comments. You may have to reply/moderate/approve the comments on your problems when they are used in a contest at the soonest.
  • Apart from writing editorials, you will also be responsible for suggesting improvements in the problem statements to remove any ambiguity and ensure very simple and correct usage of the English language. It is your responsibility to have a clear problems statement and translation will only be done after your acceptance.
  • The editorials are to be posted immediately after the contest ends.
  • You have to make sure that the problem statements adhere to the guidelines mentioned here.
  • The translation process will start only after your go-ahead in a contest
If you want to write editorials for any of our contests, please let us know well in advance as per the following schedule:
40 days before the contest
30 days before the contest
30 days before the contest
We pay our Editorialist as per the following structure:
USD 350 + Bonus [0, 100] for the whole set
USD 175 + Bonus [0, 50] for the whole set
USD 175 + Bonus [0, 50] for the whole set
Bonus [0, y] refers to a bonus up to a maximum of USD y, which will be paid depending on the quality of the editorials. The bonus estimation will be done by Contest Admin, and he/she is not liable to provide an explanation for why the particular amount of bonus was chosen.