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Note : Doubt support is only available for practice problems
Understand the logic to solve the problem
Debug your submission if it isn't getting accepted
Get answers to your general doubts about ratings, problems & platform

Who are the doubt solvers ?

Our doubt solvers are CodeCheffers who have sufficient contest and practice experience on the platform.

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How does it work ?

Step 1
Try to solve the problem yourself

If you are unable to solve, look at other's solutions, text editorial or video editorials.

Step 2
Still unable to get it accepted?

Click on the “Ask a Doubt” button at the bottom right corner

Step 3
Get your doubt resolved by an experienced CodeCheffer

Frequently asked questions

On what problems is doubt support service available?

Currently, the doubt support service is limited to problems in the difficulty range 0 - 1600.

What is the working time for the service?

The service will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. IST on all days of the week.

Is there any fee for the service?

Currently, the doubt support feature in the 0 - 1600 difficulty range is free for all users. However, we firmly believe that to sustainably run this feature - we need to find the balance where users pay CodeChef for doubt support and doubt solvers to get paid by CodeChef for their effort. We will make this transition by the end of June.